Indika began her DJ career in the mid 2000’s, spinning vinyl records in various popular venues around Melbourne, Australia.

Her love for electronic music began in the underground clubs of Melbourne, where her passion for Bass music was born. Her taste then developed further after attending iconic music festivals, such as Rainbow Serpent Festival and Earth Frequency Festival.

Massively influenced by festival culture, Indika’s sets move through bass music, hip hop, funk, world music, drum and bass, tribal and down-tempo beats.

Her eclectic taste will have you immersed in a melting pot of diverse genres, with fluid mixing and powerful low end frequencies.

Around Melbourne, Indika has played in venues such as E55 bar, Brown Alley, Loop Bar, as well as various private parties in the Victorian and NSW bush.

Indika is available for hire at weddings, festivals, nightclubs, bars, venue launches, community events, cruise ships, birthdays and private functions.